Thusong-mobiele projek: 25 & 25 Julie

Invitation and pick-up points

Raadsvergadering: 23 Julie 2019 / Council Meeting: 23 July 2019

Kennisgewing van vergadering / Notice of meeting

Herseël van strate / Resurfacing of streets


Disruption of traffic in Breede Valley area

Notice of disruption as from 20 May 2019


Complete vendor list

Amendment of Spatial Development Framework (Draft)


Stand van BVM damme & waterbesparingsmaatreëls / Levels of BVM dams & water savings measures

Soos op 9 Julie 2019 / As at 9 July 2019

Vanaf 15 Junie geld vlak 1 waterbesparings vir alle dorpe in BVM. / From 15 June, level 1 water savings measures are applicable to all towns of BVM.

BVM Bankbesonderhede / Banking details


Uploading your own water & electricity readings?

Important info / Belangrike inligting

Contact numbers
BVM Connect 2018
















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